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Portia Yuran Li (born in 1995 in Shijiazhuang) is a contemporary artist based in London. She obtained her master's degree from Goldsmiths, University of London (2017-2019). Portia Yuran's creative practice encompasses fiction writing, installation art, performance art, and theatre. She specialises in intertwining research archives, mythology, fictional narratives, and live performances to explore the complex dynamics of power, geopolitics, and identity contradictions underlying human activities. By delving into the series of traumas within East Asian families and the life struggles of East Asian immigrants, she utilises performance art and body workshops for healing, subtly revealing human struggles and desires, blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination. Portia Yuran has been commissioned to create performance art by the London Science Gallery and IKLECTIK, and has performed performance art in multiple galleries and art museums including the Old Operating Theatre Museum in London. In 2023, the children's theatre she founded in London performed at the Blackheath Hall in London.


Her paintings are inspired by ancient Chinese murals, cultural heritage, and craftsmanship. Yuran strives to establish a dialogue bridge between the past and the present in her artwork. Rooted in the challenge to anthropocentrism, she delves into the personification of vanished objects and artefacts. Additionally, her works also encompass the depiction of traces of human activities, which serve as containers of temporal and spatial memories. For instance, she combines ancient three-colour pottery horse figurines with contemporary plastic and felt toy horses for children, illustrating the functional transformation of Jue.


A product of one-child policy.


A witness of the rapid changes urban construction.






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