A product of one-child policy.


A witness of the rapid changes urban construction.


A sex-positive genderless that has been well protected by parents. 





Portia is focusing on the social problems as questioning what is existing in our lives have actually led us to a decaying position, and how to elevate the body as the subject to the intangible state in the performance art. Portia works in a variety of media as performance, social practice, video and sculpture, and allows to play with art rather than produce and make art.

As Portia feels the contemporary society is suffering from spiritual bankrupt, she thinks a lot with the notion of numinous, cosmic, the ethicist of human, the role of contemporary media and artificial intelligence, and how artistic practice makes epistemic claims. Therefore, the work often associated with the sphere of religious creeds, when contextualised and conceptualised in terms of performance reveals a broader and more complex landscape: the horizon of the non-human. The leading thoughts are quite a metaphysical way as Zen and Buddhism rather than the indoctrinated philosophy, among the thoughts around the contradictions between presence and absence, the physical and spiritual, the tangible and the intangible, she fascinates about how scientists are searching for the wormhole, as she is sharing the same rule as scientists: searching for a platform, a projection source of high dimensional space.

Portia works in a variety of media as performance, video and sculpture. The different media often works together and combine in Tableaux Vivants, as the performance often reveals a familiar picture from legend, myth and Buddhism. She is interested in different forms of communication among human, and questions how to elevate the body as the subject to the intangible state as body without organs, like in her early work The Flea, the performers became metaphoric of the conscious from the fleas, and the sculptures are the romanticising fleas. The sculptures and performers have a narrative dialogue; sometimes, this appears through the video. Her recent work deals with the relationship with cosmic that creates a narrative link to Nibiru, a controversial planet in the astronomical world, meanwhile a God in Sumerian mythology. The uncertainty of Nibiru is what Portia interested in that she provides the East and West legends connected to Nibiru, and questions in work that how ancient are connected to the cosmic. Moreover, the performers are instructed under choreography to provide conscious communication that could happen between human and Nibiruians.