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Portia Yuran Li is a multimedia artist working with sculpture, painting, performance, and theatre. Her works delve into the struggles and desires of humanity, exploring the blurred boundaries between reality and myth. Currently, focuses on the challenges and confusion faced by Chinese immigrants in England. Portia graduated from Goldsmiths in 2019 and has exhibited their works at notable venues such as Science Gallery, IKLECTIK, Ugly Duck, Old Operating Theatre Museum, and Safe House. Her theatre work was performed at Blackheath Halls.

李喻然是一个混合媒介的艺术家,涉及雕塑,绘画,行为和剧场。作品隐晦诗意的揭露着人类的挣扎与欲望,以及现实与神话间的渗透边界,现阶段注重研究在英中国移民的挣扎与困惑。李喻然于2019年毕业于金史密斯纯艺术研究生,并获得金史密斯校友基金,作品于科学画廊,IKLECTIK,Ugly Duck,旧手术室博物馆,Safe House等多处展出,并于Blackheath Halls演出自己编剧导演的戏剧。

Her paintings are inspired by ancient Chinese murals, cultural heritage, and craftsmanship. Yuran strives to establish a dialogue bridge between the past and the present in her artwork. Rooted in the challenge to anthropocentrism, she delves into the personification of vanished objects and artefacts. Additionally, her works also encompass the depiction of traces of human activities, which serve as containers of temporal and spatial memories. For instance, she combines ancient three-colour pottery horse figurines with contemporary plastic and felt toy horses for children, illustrating the functional transformation of Jue.


A product of one-child policy.


A witness of the rapid changes urban construction.


A sex-positive genderless that has been well protected by parents. 





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