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Portia Yuran Li’s practice includes but is not limited to sculptures, paintings, poetry and performance.  Inspired by artefacts, religious myths, and immigration affect, she constantly responds to the dual enmity and interdependence of people‘s intimacy, the collision of morality and power, and the porous boundary between reality and myth. Portia sees herself as a prophet her performance work generates a closed-loop narrative which focuses on bringing up the sensation and feelings of the viewers.

Portia is also the writer and director of Roarrr Theatre, which features Chinese tales and myths in theatre shows for families.


李喻然的实践包括但不限于雕塑、绘画、诗歌和表演。 受文物、宗教神话和移民影响的启发,她不断回应人们亲密关系的双重敌意和相互依存、道德与权力的碰撞以及现实与神话之间的多孔边界。 喻然将自己视为先知,她的表演作品产生了一个闭环叙事,重点是唤起观众的感觉和感受。

喻然还是 Roarrr Theatre 的编剧和导演,该剧院在伦敦成立,推出以中国童话及神话故事为核心的家庭剧。

A product of one-child policy.


A witness of the rapid changes urban construction.


A sex-positive genderless that has been well protected by parents. 





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