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Don't Laugh



30 mins

performer: Portia Yuran Li     

sculpture: paper pulp,  silica gel, my son's toy cotton, a postpartum shapewear top, tube, iron net, metal chain


Performance at Science Gallery

Curated by Dyana Gravina of ProcreateProject as part of the 

Oxytocincollectivecare 2023

Photo by  Kai Huang

Commissioned by Procreat Project for the Oxytocincollectivecare 2023, this performance is made concerned with the impact of interpersonal factors, social networks and cultural environments on breastfeeding practices, this work observes individual behaviours and medical recommendations that determine people’s relationship with their bodies. Through feelings of embarrassment and unwillingness to expose their breasts publicly while feeding due to the sexualisation of female breasts, this work brings the artist’s personal breastfeeding rebellion against cultural online shaming and creates a safer space for different stories of infant feeding to be told.

The collective stories gathered by Portia can be found through this link.

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