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Bearing Balance



3 meters wood red pillar, rocks from the Thames River


                                               & the Hukou Waterfalls of Yellow River 

35 mins 

Photographer - Adam Yudong Zhang 

Bearing Balance03.jpg
Bearing Balance04.jpg
Bearing Balance05.JPG
Bearing Balance06.jpg


泰晤士河及黄河,尽管存有地域差异,这两条河流都自工业革命以来“承受”了自然 环境的变化,并依然维持着生态环境的平衡。艺术家不断向木管里添加来自泰晤士河和黄河的岩石,同时保持 木管的平衡,以防石头从管中掉出;而随着木管重量的增加,及脚边水位的增高,表演者的身体承受着双方的 压力,也暗喻自然一直在’承受’人类社会飞速发展之重。 

The Thames River and the Yellow River, despite their regional differences, have both “understood” the changes in their natural environment since the Industrial Revolution and still maintain the balance of their ecological environment. The artist continued to add rocks from the Thames and Yellow Rivers to the wooden pipe while maintaining the balance of the wooden pipe to prevent the stone from falling out of the pipe; and as the weight of the wooden pipe increased and the water level at the feet increased, the performer's body was subjected to both sides. The pressure also implies that nature has been 'understanding' the rapid development of human society.

@ copyright  photos by  Adam Yudong Zhang

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